Our Approach

I live in Greenville, South Carolina with my husband, baby, and dogs. I'm from Dallas and grew up in Chicago. I was a journalism and writing major before switching to psychology.

After graduating, I completed two years in the clinical psychology Ph.D. program at University of North Texas in Denton, Texas.

Once I got to grad school, my research interests fundamentally shifted to the point that I was no longer a good fit with the program, so I left and moved to Austin a year later.

In Austin, I worked as a psychometrician and did psychological evaluations for eight years. While in Austin, we acquired a few dogs, got married, and then we moved to Greenville to help out my husband's parents.

Now we have a baby daughter, a small pack of dogs, and I'm about halfway through grad school. Being an academic parent is challenging, but rewarding.

I cook, garden, read cookbooks, and play World of Warcraft. I am super into cooking and whenever I have time for a blog, I'll probably have some on food, cooking, and recipes.

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